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Owyhee River Updates

Birch Creek Conditions MAR23rd - The road is still snow covered and muddy. We were unable to reach the top for a report on the road below the rim. I had the "Man with the KEY" along for the trip thinkin I could sway a decision if it were debatable. I will have to agree with him were a week out at least. We will try it again Friday and see where we get to cause Ive had a lot of folks sound pretty bummed out. So ill have updates as soon as there are any!

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Birch Creek Is Open!

Dan Thomas of the BLM said "The snow drifts that limited the access to Birch Creek has melted away and Birch Creek is now open."

Birch Creek Take-out

April 5th BLM guy was checking the access to Birch and got stuck just past where we did a couple weeks ago. As of this morning he is guessing at least a week before he can open the gate.


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